We print almost exclusively with water-based ink. This provides us with the exact type of print that we all love: soft, breathable, vibrant and more environmentally friendly. And with discharge printing we can make this possible on both light and dark colored shirts. Water based discharge printing "bleaches" out the existing color and replaces it with a pigment, allowing the design to last as long as the shirt does with the softest feel you won't get from regular plastisol printing. See below for a small comparison between water-based and plastisol printing. 



SOFT PRINT - Ink becomes part of the fabric and the print feels no different than a blank shirt.

LONG LASTING - Fabric soaks up the ink and your design will last as long as the shirt does giving you a valuable product that lasts. 

BREATHABLE - Your design will breathe just as the shirt fabric does.

BRIGHT ON DARK - Discharge printing "bleaches" out the color of the shirt and replaces it with ink. Best results on 100% cotton.

FASHIONABLE PRINTS - Soft prints are better for soft, fashionable, ribbed and bamboo garments. 

COLOR MATCHING - We use the best color matching system in the business. Although the material/color of the shirt greatly affects the outcome of the mixed color to the finished product. 

THICK MATERIAL - Better for thicker materials like beanies and towels. 




HEAVY PRINT - Ink is printed on top of the garment and feels rubbery and thick.

CHANGES AFTER MULTIPLE WASHES - We love vintage shirts, but you won't always want your designs to crackle, fade and eventually peel from the shirt.

STICKY - Ever sweat in a shirt that just sticks to you? That's plastisol.

BRIGHT ON DARK - Bright colors can be achieved using a "base white" which adds a screen to your order usually costing you more per shirt.

SPORT PRINTS - Prints on more garment types like polyester with a thick and bold presence.

COLOR MATCHING - Generally more reliable for exact color matching.

THICK MATERIAL - Stretching and cracking can occur when extra ink has to be added for durability.




The use of water-based ink has grown recently due to national and global safety regulations. Phthalates are a family of chemicals prevalent in most plastisol inks, children’s toys and some building materials. Phthalate-free ink is now enforced in multiple states across the US and in the EU. B-Unlimited is also making this phthalate-free ink change to create a safer/more eco-friendly product and working environment by using water-based ink. If you'd like more information on the legalities of phthalates and and PVC free inks please read more here.