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What are your shipping options?

Why is my product not shipped right when I order?

Online Ordering

When will I get my product?

What does it mean when my product goes "off-line"?

How do I edit or cancel an order?

How do I edit or change my shipping methong?

Custom Product Orders

What is your minimum order?

Are you licensed with my school?

How do I start a new custom product order for my group?

Who has the best custom artwork in the nation?

What kind of files should I send you?

What is your turn-around time?

Can I print on a shirt/product not listed on your website?

When do I pay for my bulk custom designed products?

Screen Printing & Water-Base Ink

How big can you print on a shirt?

Can I print the same order on adult & youth sizes?

What's the difference in water-based ink and "regular" ink?

Legalities & Toxic Information

How much are the set up fees (aka screen fees)?

Can I mix & match ink or shirt colors?

I'm missing a few shirts from my order, what happened?

Bid Day Boxes

About Bid Day & Recruitment

What is a Bid Day box and what's included?

How do I order?

How do I let you know which sorority to have the box delivered to?

When do I need to order the Bid Day Box?

What happens if she doesn't get in a sorority or decides to withdrawal?

What is your return policy for the Bid Day Boxes?

Can I call the morning of Bid Day to figure out which sorority my Bid Day Box recipient got a bid to?

Can the packages be delivered to the shipping address I entered?

Will you be open on Bid Day?


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