BGreek: $25 Amazon Dorm Finds

BGreek: $25 Amazon Dorm Finds

Amazon has everything a student could ever need for getting back into their school routine the right way! Here is our list of the best under $25 Amazon finds for all school needs.

  1. HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($22.99)

Carry this  stainless steel water bottle with you around campus and refill anywhere to save money and the Earth! 

  • Wireless Earbuds Headphones ($16.98)
  • Everyone could use a these pair of  wireless earbuds for your walk to class or just for listening to music in your dorm! 

  • Portable Charger ($19.99)
  • College is always busy and you’re always on the go! Keep a  portable charger in your backpack or purse for any low battery emergency! 

  • 39 Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set ($14.97)
  • Whether it is hanging a painting, opening a box, tightening a screw, this basic  tool kit is perfect for college students to become their own handyman! 

  • Foldable Laundry Drying Rack  ($18.53)
  • This  foldable drying rack is perfect for a small space room like a dorm.  It’s so easy to slide in a corner when not in use and is a necessity for all your clothes too delicate for the dryer.  

  • Large Overnight Duffle Bag ($21.80)
  • This large overnight  duffle bag is perfect for those unexpected weekend road trips or for a short visit home. It folds up into a small pouch and can be stored anywhere awaiting the next adventure.  

  • Desk Clamp Power Strip ($17.84)
  • Use this 3-outlet  power strip that clips on to your desk to organize your cords and get them off the floor.  No screws required!

  • Academic Planner ($17.95)
  • Keep yourself organized with school work and social plans in style! Life gets busy, write in your  planner to stay ahead!

  • Easy-To-Use Label Maker ($19.99)
  • College can put you into a routine of borrowing things, like a calculator for a test, so label your items to keep them from getting lost! Or use this  label maker to label binders, cords, or anything to stay organized.

  • Travel Umbrella ($20.95)
  • There’s no turning back when it starts raining if you have a class to get to! You will never regret carrying this compact travel umbrella in your backpack for those times it will start pouring on your way to class.