January 02, 2018 2 min read

We live and die by three rules:

  1. Be Unique                                               
  2. Be Yourself
  3. Be Unlimited

I know I know, it’s a bit cheesy, but truth be told it tells you a lot about who we are! Our company culture is one that you might see in a movie - you could find us riding around the office on razor scooters or dreaming big at our conference table with “Be You” painted on the wall.  

Simply put, we’re a graphic design and screen printing company that specializes in custom design and print. We work with sororities, fraternities, corporations, schools, and church camps - just to name a few! We pride ourselves on our in-house art team who can basically draw or design anything our customers can dream up, it’s honestly pretty amazing! (Sometimes I’ll just walk over and peek over their shoulder at one of their projects) Additionally, over the past several years our production team has invested their time daily trying to achieve an operation that prints with 100% water-based inks. It sort of sounds like some mumbo jumbo details that aren’t interesting, but it’s seriously some cool stuff. To start, it allows you to have a higher quality product – the print will never crack or peel like your traditional screen-printed apparel. It creates a healthier working environment for the people who print your shirts every day – this method used less chemicals and doesn’t produce the harmful fumes that traditional plastisol printing produces. Finally, something that benefits everyone!


In working to only use water-based inks in the long run it allows us to operate in a way that serves our environment better making it a green option for something we do every day!

At the helm, our CEO, Ben Clark has the biggest heart here. He appreciates the people who work here, and lets them know. He’s built a culture for everyone to come in each day, and simply be who they are. Truth be told, he’s the biggest kid in the office, but let’s just keep that between you and me... 🙊

We’ve called Fayetteville, AR home since 1994! Really the past 9 years have shaped our business greatly and we’ve been lucky enough to serve so many people across the nation providing exceptional artwork and meticulous screen printing. I say the past 9 years because that’s when our specialty found us - working with Greek life! It’s with great joy we get to work with college students across the nation serving their chapters, by providing apparel they are excited to wear and represent their organizations.

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