2018 Natural Threads Gift Guide

2018 Natural Threads Gift Guide

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We get it! Between family activities, Christmas parties, and gift shopping the holiday season is easily the busiest time of the year. It's hard to make it to every store to check off each person on your list. We've put together a little gift guide with some of our Natural Threads products to help lift your load just a bit!

Here's your new list, made easy:
  • For your grandma, we think she'll love the Arkansas Outline Sweatshirt. Perfectly cozy and she can support every team with only one sweatshirt! Shop this sweatshirt here.
  • For your grandpa, we've picked out a couple options! Either our Good Game Sweatshirt paying homage to the Arkansas basketball team or the Spirit of the Buffalo tee. Shop the sweatshirt here, and the tee here.
  • For your dad! Let's be honest, dads can be hard to shop for. The Arkansas Dad Hat or our Cedar Falls tee will definitely leave him asking where he can buy more this Christmas. Shop the hat here, and the tee here.
  • For your mom, who definitely deserves a great gift, we suggest both the Wooo Pig embroidered tee she can dress up or down and the Hogs Club sweatshirt is perfect for when she needs some cozy couch time! Shop the tee here, and the sweatshirt here.
  • For your brother, who probably already has everything or just doesn't respond when you text him and ask what he wants... our Vintage A Hat and Arkansas USA sweatshirt will definitely have him saying a few extra "Thank You's" at the dinner table. Shop the hat here, and the sweatshirt here.
  • For your sister, whether she's older or younger she'll love the Stacked WPS Tee or the Arkansas Corded Sweatshirt in retro red. Shop the tee here, and the sweatshirt here.
Bonus List:
Trendy BFF - Cropped Arkansas Hoodie or ARK Henley
The Hog Fan -  Good Game Sweatshirt
Loyal Local - Fayetteville Hometown Crew or Fayetteville Distressed Tee


The Recap:
Grandma: Arkansas outline sweatshirt
Grandpa: Good Game Sweatshirt or Spirit of the Buffalo
Dad: Arkansas Dad Hat/Cedar Falls Tee
Mom: WoooPig embroider tee/ Hogs Club Sweatshirt
Brother: Ebbetts field A hat/ Arkansas USA Sweatshirt
Sister: Stacked WPS or Arkansas Corded Crew Retro Red


Happy Holidays!