Our Guide to Thriving as T-Shirt Chair

September 20, 2018

Our Guide to Thriving as T-Shirt Chair

One of the most fun and rewarding positions in your chapter is being the t-shirt chairman. Take it from me, I not only work for B-Unlimited but I’m also a t-shirt chair for my sorority! Making shirts for your sorority or fraternity means seeing your designs worn by people all over campus – I mean, let’s be honest, that’s pretty sweet! As you are gearing up for the rest of the semester use these tips and tricks to keep you on top of your game:

  • First off, contact B-Unlimited to design shirts for your chapter. Email orders@b-unlimited.com to get started!
  • Send a survey to your chapter asking what kind of shirts and designs your members like. Ask for their preference on t-shirt brands, kinds of sweatshirts, and shirt colors too!
  • Start the semester off with two or three fun PR shirts and begin planning buttons and stickers for football game days. (New members LOVE anything with their new letters on it – you remember those days!)
  • Make t-shirts for initiation, sisterhood events, philanthropy dinners, homecoming, and events in between as you want. Stay organized by making a list of events early in the semester and know which events need shirts.
  • For dad’s day events, make a t-shirt for girls, a polo for dads, and a baseball cap or cups with the football schedule! Trust me, your dad might pretend he doesn’t want to wear your letters, but he’s all about it.
  • Put shirts online before functions, philanthropy dinners, and other events and keep them up a week after to allow people to continue buying after the function or event.
  • As fall rolls around design PR long sleeve henley’s, sweatshirts, and long sleeve t-shirts that are sure to be a hit with your chapter.
  • Tell your chapter the deadlines to order shirts and when t-shirt pass outs will happen. At B-Unlimited we’ll even send you text updates to remind you about when the shirt is coming offline. Just ask your account manager how to sign up!
  • Keep a folder on your computer of designs you like and look for inspiration around you! Design shirts with significant things relevant to your chapter and university.
  • Look at other shirts and think of things you would change and do it differently. Reference B-Unlimited’s Pinterest account and B-Unlimited artwork gallery on our website for shirt designs! It’s all about inpso, and we are not short of that around here. Seriously, drop us a line at orders@b-unlimited.com. We’d love to help you get started!

As t-shirt chairman, I have found my chapter is happy with designs that are a mix of fresh new ideas as well as sometimes bringing back the classics. Talk with your friends and ask what people are liking and want to see!

- T-Shirt Chair Insider