Har-Ber High School Senior Class

GROUP PASS-OUT: This is our most used shipping option. Your product will be passed out to you at a specified time and place by the representative of your group (i.e. t-shirt chair, social chair, event organizer, etc.) . This option is for group orders only. You will not receive an email when your product ships, but your t-shirt chair will! If you would like shipping information, reach out to your t-shirt chair or contact us via email at hello@b-unlimited.com and we would be more than happy to assist you with that information. 

INDIVIDUAL SHIPPING: We'll individually ship your item to you via USPS. You will receive two separate emails. The first email confirms your order was received and is processing. You will then receive a second email with a tracking number. Items will ship as soon as they are produced and take about 2-5 days transit time. You may not receive your item the same day as group pass-out or in-store pick-up, but rest assured you will get your item sent exactly where you want it.

*Please know that B-Unlimited does not ship on Saturdays or Sundays. 

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