B-HQ: Too School for Cool

January 20, 2020

B-HQ: Too School for Cool

We give a pretty good tour around here. There’s a lot that goes into taking our customers’ experiences from thought to cloth, and we love showing the essential and integrated work that each department does with anyone who wants to learn! Plus, there are usually puppies...

To that end, we have student groups out for tours on the regular - from fashion and merchandising clubs, to manufacturing student organizations, to programs like Teen Leadership Fayetteville, to college screenprinting classes. We love the chance to encourage and connect with the next generation of our workforce! This week, we had some groups of homeschool students out for a visit, and, as always, it was a blast to share what goes into being the largest capacity screenprinting shop in the state and an environmentally sustainable business in the apparel industry. 

But, cool vibes and puppies aside, why is a screen-printing company a good school tour spot? Well, we open students’ minds to the wide range of vocation possibilities housed within just one business. You like to doodle? You could be a full-time artist. Are you outgoing and organized? You could be an awesome account manager. You like photos, social media, and online shopping? You’d be great in marketing, procurement, or retail development. It takes all types to make the B-Team, and at the end of the day, we like to encourage students to do two things as they think about their futures: Be You. Dream Big.