Our Top 5 Rules This Spring

March 16, 2018

Saying YES to Color:

On the radar this Spring! All the bright colors - we're talking bold pops of yellow, red, blue. This year we've seen a HUGE request for custom simple PR tees! On both super soft tees and your classic Comfort Colors. (Inspo below)

Our FIVE rules to live by this Spring:

  • Say yes to bold colors - you won't regret it. 
  • Embrace athleisure.... it's not going anywhere! 
  • White Comfort Colors tees are our latest obsession.
  • Throwback designs are in AND will carry you through to the fall semester. (TBH a perfect gift to pass down to your little)
  • Lastly - take time for yourself! We seriously live and die by the rule 'Work Hark, Play Hard' - we think you should too. It'll make you appreciate both your productive time, and your #selfcare time too!

Our two favorite times of the year are for sure the Spring and the Fall! So many fun events: Mom's Day, Spring Break, Formals, Recruitment, Rush, Football Season, and Christmas... just to name a few. Basically, all great reasons to order custom sorority and fraternity t-shirts for your chapter!

Our Inspo this Spring:

Be sure to always check out our rotating greek collection online at 76Collection - it's all the goods and designs we love based on what's popular and in season.


Have any ideas you're itching for us to blog about? Seriously - shoot us an email and we'd love to tackle it!

-The B Team