The Round Up on Row at The University of Arkansas

The Round Up on Row at The University of Arkansas

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For those who don’t attend the University of Arkansas or aren’t familiar, Row is a spring event that takes place each year on campus! Every fraternity participates by having a date night, function night, and everyone’s favorite part is Saturday, which includes a large concert series - music festival style.

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1. We’ll get this one out of the way - it was cold, like really cold. Was it fun anyway? No doubt, but let’s aim for a warm sunny day next year!
2. Every year B-Unlimited partners with fraternities across campus to make sure merch is taken care of. From custom, hand-drawn t-shirts to wrist bands and all things in between we make sure everything is looking top notch.
3. This year every fraternity in the IFC came together and used this event to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas! A group of guys coming together this year doing an event they do year after year, BUT THIS TIME RAISING OVER $4,000! Let’s give that a solid round of applause!
4. We had a few people from our team on location at the fair grounds where Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Chi, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon did their concert.  If you were there, or maybe if you weren’t, look for your friends! Our photos are HERE!
5. Is your organization looking for a company like ours to make sure your event has the best shirts, banners, hats, etc?
Seriously, drop us a line - we’d love to chat! (

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